Vienna, The Times


"A new generation is converting tired motels into cool hotels, opening farm to table restaurants and turning the area into the 'hipster Hamptons.' Meanwhile, the resort that inspired Dirty Dancing is being turned into a yoga retreat. Obviously."

Washington D.C, Stylist Arabia

"A staff member tells me the hotel has a "very good relationship" with the Secret Service. Which, along with the insanely comfortable beds, should make you sleep soundly."

east coast USA, Experts

"Midway through my plate of delicious lobster ravioli it starts: "Do you mind if I take a quick picture?" There's a queue of tourists, cameras in hand, eager to snap me eating my lunch. I wonder if they've mistaken me for someone - then realise its not me they want, but the sign above my head. I'm at the Union Oyster House in Boston, America's oldest restaurant in continuous service, and I've got the most sought after table - the Kennedy booth, where JFK enjoyed lunch every Sunday as a local congressman."